Saturday, 16 November 2013

Here I am again settling back home but not up to any challenges!!

This week Anne challenged us to think about challenges we have done in our lives or people we admire who have managed a challenge! Sorry Anne I am ignoring you today as I have never really challenged myself to do anything more than I can do or other people either :(!!

This week I have finally unpacked and sorted out all my scrapping from last week's retreat, lots to finish in my own time

Really enjoyed spectacular sunsets this week. The days have been clear blue skies and sunshine and such wonderful sunsets

 Last night the sky over the English channel
We had a wonderful evening celebrating our oldest Grandson Tom's 18th birthday. Here we are with Tom at an Italian restaurant

 and with his girlfriend Hannah ( met for the first time!)
 We went back to their house and Peter tried on our grandson Matt's onsie!!!


  1. Peter looks so well I'm not sure what to say. Good on him to have such a sense of fun. It sounds like you've been having a great time.

  2. Bravo Peter lol, love it and those sunsets are sublime. xxx

  3. beautiful sky photos and a great photo of Peter :)

  4. Amazing skies Lynne, we have had wonderful grey skies all week lol. Love the photo of Pete. xx

  5. Again, great post!
    Congratulations for the pictures!
    Oh, that red sky reminds me of the planet Mars?
    Congratulations on birthday party!
    BRAVO Peter - but he was accustomed to challenges and be is in the lens - right he was a soccer referee!