Tuesday, 26 November 2013

26th November - Last night I found out...

After blogging last night I went to Google as I had several times during the day  but never saw the ribbon. I suddenly saw a white ribbon.

On clicking on it it told me it was International Day for remembering violence against women and children
I should have known that  my lovely D step D was in a very abused relationship and spent several months in a refuge!   but sadly we didn't know before hand :(

Thank goodness for Claire's Law which is spreading everywhere in the UK

Here they are 12 yrs on. Jo left her home when the 2 children were aged 2 and 5 years


  1. a great thing to learn lynne, thanks for passing it on to us all

  2. Yes I saw this on the news this week but knew about it before as it was trialled over here. It is a wonderful thing because it is one of the things bringing abuse out into the open and helping women to realise it is not normal or their fault.

  3. Thanks for that Lynne, xxx

  4. Thank you for sharing, I knew nothing of this. xx

  5. I didn't know and I have experience of this. Good on Jo. xxx