Sunday, 24 November 2013

24th November - Autumn Nostalgia Challenge week

Sorry Anne to ignore your challenge last week but apart from these challenges scrapping etc ...sadly I am not a person to challenge myself to other things in life that I think I cannot achieve :(

So to this week's challenge from Kathi. What are our memories of Autumn?

  • School term from Sept to Christmas when you were a child
  • The clocks changing an hour
  • Bonfire nights and fireworks 
  • Halloween night
I will really sound like a bar humbug answering this week's challenge!!

As a child my parents didn't buy fireworks or take me to any official bonfire nights either. As a teenager I wasn't allowed to go to  any town/village organised bonfire nights until at 18 I came home one Nov whilst at teacher training college when I went to Battle Bonfire night...I was so scared and spent all evening in the pub jumping every time a fire cracker went off!!  As a teacher we had bonfire nights but I always stayed indoors serving soup and hot dogs!  And of course as I had children they had money instead of miserable was that!! At some Aug proms there were fireworks but they were so difficult to photograph!
I hate the clock change as I am never up early and hate the long dark evenings, ok sunsets are beautiful!

I hate the leaves falling off the trees though fall can be beautiful.  Here are some photos from Sheffield Park taken a few years ago

I dislike the way we have copied the Americans with Halloween night and make a big commercial event of it in all the shops and we put a police notice in our door window saying "No trick or treaters thank you"
I can show you some photos of the Trick and Treaters when I stayed in Canada looking after Sue 2 years ago. She loved them calling and had the biggest bowl of packets of sweets I have ever seen!!
Her front porch!
Some of the visitors we had during the evening

I will finish with a field of blueberry bushes which change to a red colour in Autumn
and the berries on our holly bush this week
I am looking forward to December and the run up to Christmas!

Hope my quotation comes up for you all tomorrow morning!!


  1. Wonderful post, dear Lynne - congratulations!
    I like your photos and your honesty!
    I will try to write something on the topic.

  2. Lovely to see you back, Lynne. Your photos a lovely.
    I have a couple of blueberry bushes in the garden and I didn't realise how beautiful they become in Autumn until after I had bought them.

  3. Lovely autumn memories.. they don't always have to be 'good' as in your lack of fireworks! Great images too from your time with Sue.. nice to recall with lovely colourful pictures xx

  4. I love your post. I am sorry, I am so far behind I don't know if I will be able to catch up. Pictures are great and though my kids are grown, I enjoy seeing the grandkids in their Halloween costumes.