Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st Jan 2012 Happy New Year

On this wet, cold and miserable New year's day I am starting with 3 resolutions

  • to blog more often in 2012

  • to scrap more each month

  • to lose weight again as the lbs have been rapidly increasing this Autumn!!
I had to share this photo of one of our cats, Florrie deciding to hang out with DH as he tied some flies yesterday. I think she was hoping to get a sniff of some rabbit fur or bird feathers he uses LOL!!


  1. Hope you succeed with your resolutions wishing you both a happy 2012

  2. Perhaps your cat is anticipating the catch

  3. Hi Lynn, I've just left a comment on one of your other blogs. If this is your main one I'll come back here more often? Happy New Year to you :)

  4. Sorry it's been a while since I've been at your blog... Looks like you've had a very busy bt lovely Christmas and New Year. Love those photos of you and DH! lol