Thursday, 12 January 2012

Our Day out yesterday

I joined SW last week so had my first weigh in yesterday .....roll of drums..... I lost 51/2 lbs
It was a really mild and sunny day and we were then up the A21 to a retail park looking at furniture. After 2 shops we were sofa ed out!! so headed for lunch which we ate outside on 10th January!! It felt like April
We love bargains so we headed into Tunbridge Wells late afternoon and these are my bargains from a charity shop, the watch was a M&S and was brand new!! Just love the glittery pen, hope I don't lose it

and these were a sample of the furniture we looked at , we like the top R photo but in different colours but we are not sure and have other samples and still looking, the sales finish 29th Jan so not much time!!

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