Saturday, 28 January 2012

A new hobby!

Can you believe that I have started something new!
A member of our church was a lecturer in fine arts and needlework and has a workshop in her house and has started a Monday morning club. This week was my second visit and I had decided last week to do a small project of embroidering the letter M. last week saw me choosing and then spending time in Photoshop sizing and flipping the letter and printing on some transfer paper.
This week was exciting as I chose some silk fabric, put the transfer on, put the material onto a frame, then learnt how to make my own cord in 2 thicknesses to use.
Here is a collage of the workshop and my new project
The bottom right photo is twisting thin coton perle to make some cord!!


  1. That looks really intricate and it's going to take some time to complete but will be beautiful when it is. Well done you on another venture.

  2. Ditto to Mary's comment. It looks very delicate work but I bed it looks amazing when finished.

  3. Lovely to have a new hobby it looks great too