Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 Collections

We were asked to day, What did we collect? Well I could have done my usual shoe collection, though since I retired and stopped work the collection has diminished and I no longer buy the same shoes in each colour LOL!!
I have several collections but our ducks in our kitchen are the only ones on display at the moment BECAUSE.......
Our wall with shelves are completely empty as we are decorating!!

Here are my mini shoe collection all safe in a box in a plastic bag!

and my famous cat collection from everyplace we visit in UK or abroad is here too!!

The totally wrong time to ask for my collection !!


  1. Lovely collections - I am especially fond of your cats - a great idea that I might start to copy.

  2. Every time I see ducks I think of my Mum, who at one time loved collecting ducks, she even has the three flying ducks on her lounge wall.

  3. Your collections must look great when they are out

  4. Ducks remind me of my aunt- as she collects everything duck related and every time we are out we can find a present for her! Love your collections.

  5. You have certainly been busy with all that packing up!