Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 18 BAD for YOU!

Well there are a lot of things bad for me as I count syns for SW!! I am allowed 5 - 15syns a day
Last year I would happily have a cheese scone with a latte. This morning I went to town and went into my favourite coffee shop BUT these delicious scones have 11 syns per scone, so they are a NO GO :(
even my latte has gone to be replaced with a black house coffee with skimmed milk

Of course there are lots of other things bad for me but thank goodness I love all the things good for me too:)


  1. They do look delicious- hope you enjoyed your cup of coffee though!

  2. sorry to be thick, what are 'syns'

  3. *sigh* they do look yummy!