Friday, 6 January 2012

Challenge 365+1 photos

This week I started a new photo challenge that Suzi is running for 365 days and linking to a UKS Snap 2012 challenge. we have to take a photo a day for the word she gives us. Today was the 6th day and I have finally managed to blog them!! from now on I will try and blog this space :)
The New Year table as peeps began to celebrate the New year
Day 2 - NEW
This had to be joining SW again as a new member. It was hard to go back after a break of 2 years and admit I have started to put weight on again!!

Day 3 - UGLY
This word had to be a photo of our ugly cat Mae, we have 2 and call her ugly because as a kitten and the runt of the litter she was ugly!!

Day 4 - PRETTY
Here is our youngest DGD today having had her hands in the rubbish bin. We adore her so chose to photograph her for pretty!

I had an exciting day in London today BUT on arriving home there were 2 parcels and how excited was I to find my album, WRMK protectors and Simple Story papers Year-o-gology

Day 6 - FROST
On a mild wet day this was a difficult one until I got some frozen berries out of the freezer for our dessert and saw the frost form on the berries


  1. Great photos Lynne looking forward to seeing more

  2. Great to see all your photos for the challenge Lynne, I am looking forward to following your year.

  3. Great photos, Im using some of those yearography papers too