Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day 14

Day 14 - what is my guilty pleasure?
Oh I have loads of those and I guess my friends would say brandy and babysham, but really that isn't a secret. So I thought hard and one of my secret pleasures is to watch rubbish soaps especially Eastenders!
I gave it up last year as it was in my view utter misery and rubbish but as Christmas I learnt that Pat was going to die, so oncew again I am caught up with it again and actually cried as I watched the funeral last night, how sad am I!!!
Please don't tell my IRL friends!!


  1. lol, I have been known to cry at Eastenders ... the Stacey/Bradley thing really got me! :(

  2. Well too late Lynne.
    Your secret is out! LOL

  3. I love it too but it is the only soap I watch! Nothing to feel guilty about!

  4. Thats a great guilty pleasure. We all love to watch some soaps!

  5. Tut tut Lynne now we all know