Sunday, 1 January 2012


We had a lovely Christmas day with Jo, Amie and Lewis. The downside was that after lunch Amie felt unwell and they went home so it was a quiet evening with DH

Amie was sick the whole evning and night at home and next day went to NHS direct to find she had tonsillitis and both ears infected!!

Boxing Day we had my youngest DS and family for lunch and supper and had another lovely day.

Our youngest DGD Xanthe was the star with her dollies and our present the doll's pram was a great success. The Harry potter bus kept Zac and Mummy occupied!!

Auntie Jo and Lewis popped in with their presents but Amie was in bed on AB's!

We saw the New year in with 'old' friends, guess we are getting old LOL!! at Carol's new bungalow. We started eating at 8.30 and just finished for the New year to start!!

We finally went home at 2.30am!!

For us 2011 has been kind to us, we have had a Healthy and Happy year.

Sadly for friends and family this has not been so. My sons lost their father (my ex) to lung cancer this summer. This Autumn saw several funerals of aquaintances and now I have my dear friend Sue in Canada very poorly with bone cancer, I just pray she doesn't suffer in these last few months and am thankful I was able to visit her and care for her this Oct/Nov and have those precious memories.

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  1. Great collages Lynne, they make a super way to record the events, don't they