Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 215 - POINT

Another day of cleaning and Olympics today! So exciting the rowing and cycling !
Then started altering DH's trousers as he has shrunk 1" and lost weight round waist and won't buy new trousers!!!!
Here is my photo for POINT!


  1. well done lynne for fitting a photo shoot in your busy day!

  2. Bravo! Ha ha - just so my son has made many points of his shirt! Answer -
    "I do not know how this happened .."
    Have a nice day! Enjoy!

  3. Poor you.. maybe he needs to have some new trousers for a present and the others get lost somehow! ;-)

  4. Clever use of the word, I like it.

  5. lol great minds :) i roped in ds2 to "point" for me... i had my sewing machine out y/day but i must confess that i am not a whizz at it yet. please do tell me that practice makes perfect because i DO enjoy sewing!

  6. Good idea Lynne. I've got some jeans to shorten for grandson.