Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Days 217 - 220

I think, Anger is an OK emotion so long as your anger doesn't hurt anyone else and you don't simmer too long with this feeling! I get annoyed/cross more than angry and today Peter wanted to go fishing but felt the garden hedge needed cutting and so deprived himself of that pleasure today and I felt cross (angry with him!). I guess the people watching the Badminton games felt angry and Ben Ainsley said he got angry during some of the races before he won his gold!!
These 3 photos show my happiness today
Our cases in the spare bedroom waiting to be packed on Friday
My clothes already now to pack
and the folder with our ticket and final details
 Here is a photo for Anne the evening sky over the weekend, a very moody sky!

With my computer over heating frequently and closing down and Picasa seems to be corrupt so having to learn and use another photo programme which I have and never use!!
Feeling very frustrated and angry tthese past few days!!

The computer is booked into the'computer hospital on Friday whilst I am away :) Will blog on the ship on sea days with no photos uploaded until iIget home I think?
Yesterday day 220 I had 2 hyper DGC with 1 grumpy Nanny so the photo below was a welcome relief at the fun gym we went to in the morning!!
I am also suffering from sciatica and hip problems which are getting me down so paracetomal and this rubbed in at night...too smelly in the day is supposed to give me relief but.....
Off now to seize today with HOPE. I am feeling better not grumpy anymore except with the computer!!
Roll on Saturday :)
Off now to catch up with all of your blogs, 4 days worth, hope the computer stays calm!!


  1. good to see your catch up lynne...i have missed your blog. Not long to wait until friday, when all the cases will be packed and hope your computer is better on your return.

  2. Great to see your photos. I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  3. What a beautiful Sky ! Thank you ! I hope you have a great time xxx

  4. Wow. I can't believe you are going away at the weekend. I think your word should be excited.

  5. Great catch up Lynne, I missed you too.. hope you have a lovely holiday, and we'll look out for your notes.. and then the pics! A little uninspired this week myself!