Thursday, 9 August 2012


For the past 2 weeks there has been a book in WH Smiths about the Azores which was excellent, but pricey for 3 port days at £14 .99!!
I was determined to copy some of the info and maps from the book, so this morning took my camera and hey presto with a bit of DETERMINATION I have 4 maps and information about catching public transport!
 We went for my pedicure at lunchtime and the house from the barn I took earlier in the year is coming on leaps and bounds. They are DETERMINED to be living in this house at Christmas!
Do you remember one of you gave us a link to another photo challenge called 'The Second Annual Summertime Photography Scavenge Hunt'? Well I have just started it and here is
2. a clothesline
Only 20 more to go before 21st September!

Well this is my last posting here at home as the computer goes to be cleaned up tomorrow whilst we are away.
Will try and blog onboard on sea days without photos if possible, we will have to see how expensive it is


  1. Determination is just the word for you today. Well done. I hope your computer will be fixed. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Have a fab trip and come back wonderfully relaxed ! xxx

  3. I love your determination item well done on taking the photos without being caught
    All the best with the scavenger hunt I'm still 4 short of a complete set.

  4. Well done Lynne. I'm looking forward to getting mails from your trip. Have a great time

  5. have a great time and well done on taking photos of the book!

  6. Enjoy the trip, we'll miss you x

  7. Enjoy your cruise! Wish I was going with you.

  8. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    I'm taking part in the scavenger hunt aswell.