Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Days 228 - 231

Day 228 - UNITY Joined together? On our seadays there were many activities, I tried learning to crochet can ring pulls together to make a bag like this, unfortunately I didn't get on very well and only managed 3 rows!!

 Here are some of the ladies who had been for several sessions on other days
 I sat next too a lovely lady called Judy who was a retired teacher! We struggled together!

Day 229 - TEAMWORK
On the sea days their was 'join a choir' activity which they performed on the very last sea day
 Very brave people which needed teamwork
 An hour after leaving port we had a lifeboat drill. We were Muster station 3 with several old and disabled people with walking sticks in our group so slow teamwork was definitely needed, good job it was only a practise!
Day 300 - CURVES  Here are a selection of curves I have found in photos we took on holiday
The coastline of N Madeira
 Part of the ship rail. We are leaving Madeira in this photo
 Another curved hole in a wall viewing the River Douro in Oporto
 The bridge across the Douro to the Port Lodges
 I loved all the portuguese pavements and roads with the black and white tiles making different patterns. Here is a road in Praia on the island of Terceira
Madeira again
Day 301 - CIRCULAR Some more holiday photos showing circular shapes
Rings on the sidewalks of the river Douro for tying up ships in C18th
A plate of canapes with circular food shapes

 Our circular table for 8 for our evening meal, full of glasses for water and wine!
 A circular metal structure in Santana, madeira
 A balcony with circular wrought iron shapes
 A life saving ring on one of the decks of our ship

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