Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 216 - JOY

Another day of TV on each room so I didn't miss anything of the Olympics today!
There has been a lot of joy on the faces of the competitors of team GB winning medals these past few days! I too have had tears in my eyes too at times LOL!
Blue skies and sunshine like today gives me joy too
....... as do my 2 youngest grandchildren Zac and Xanthe. I had them again, all day today so my youngest son who has them on a Friday could play golf!! He said I was a star!!!!
Zac and I watched a recording of the opening of the Olympics this morning as he hadn't seen it and I hadn't seen the ending as I went to bed half way through the alphabet!! It was a wonderful history lesson for him and he wanted to see the beginning twice!! We also did the Telegraph scrapbook up til today for him.
Here is my photo of JOY watching them play together this morning,
Oh and you will all like this...went and bought a navy wash dye for 3 pairs of faded blue trousers and they now look brand new of them tomorrow. Washing several dark items through the machine now to get rid of any dye!!


  1. What a cracking photo of them, I hope you scrap it soon :) We get so many 'posed' photos that a 'natural' one is precious :) xxx

  2. It is a lovely photo- can't wait to upload my holiday photos when we get back.

  3. Aren't they totally cracking ! xxx

  4. lovely sky lynne and a great moment of playing between zac and xanthe.

  5. I have a black dye somewhere but always get scared of actually using it, but we have the guys in navy overalls now so maybe the time has come and you have given me confidence! Isn't it lovely when grand kids are old enough to really learn and not just disagree! Xx

  6. Lovely photos of Zac and Xanthe playing. Grandchildren are so much fun aren't they