Friday, 31 August 2012

Day 244 - OUT of a WINDOW

This is the view towards the sea from our spare bedroom window. Towards the RH side are the South Downs

Peter has a colonoscopy tomorrow morning as a routine check up for his Crohn's disease so we aren't going anywhere today and hospital early tomorrow am and then home late morning. We are supposed to be at an evening wedding reception tomorrow night but may be going on my own :(


  1. What a gorgeous view, Lynne. I would love seeing the see from here. Good luck to Peter, that's no fun hospital appointment !
    To answer your question, thanks God yes, the girls are insured. They both have had operations close to £4000 that we couldn't have paid for ! But they still cost me a fortune though ! : the monthly insurance isn't cheap at all and there is £110 excess per problem per year. As of start of this year, we have for Rhea : Paw problem, Kidney problem and skin allergy and for Bubbles ; Hurting and limping from shoulder. Et hop ! £440 down, lol. But for a year I won't pay anything anymore, if they don't come up with a new condition, of course, lol !
    But I love them so much . . . xxx

  2. Beautiful view :) Good luck tomorrow. xx

  3. Beautiful view and good luck for Peter tomorrow.

  4. Hope it all goes okay and you can just relax and enjoy Sunday xx Great to have you back x

  5. It's lovely to see you back Lynne and great to know it's only a few weeks away before we meet.
    I hope Peters colonoscopy goes well. Give him a hug from me. I know what they are like.

  6. Lovely view. Give Peter our regards. Colonoscopies are not fun. Thadd and I hope all goes well for him.