Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Days 223 - 227 whilst we were on holiday!

We are back from a fabulous 16 day cruise the the Azores which had a few hiccups with very rough seadays in the Bay of Biscay, Portugal ports on a 24hr strike when we were on our way to Lisbon and a hurricane due just before going to the third island in the Azores, so we had to head south and have 2 days in Madeira with temps in high 30's!
I have done all the days words during the holiday trying to show you holiday photos too!
Day 223 - HIGH
In Oporto we climbed a very high tower with 197 narrow steps to see these views
The River Douro and the Port Lodges on the far side of the river 
 The road below
 Men repairing a roof, very high up!
 Day 224 - GOLD Some of the jewellery sold on the ship
Day 225 - EXHAUSTION Our cabin steward Viktoria worked so hard and often looked exhausted, unfortunately we didn't take a photo of her but this is how are cabin looked on returning every evening after our evening meal and show
Another view of our cabin as we are getting ready
 We went to Santiago de Compostelo whilst we were at the port of La Coruna and saw these exhausted English students who had walked the pilgrim's way from France to this Cathedra... 780 kms!!. They had taken 34 days ! If you can do watch the film The Way starring Martin Sheen about walking the 'Way' to Santiago, we saw it in the UK a few months ago
 We arrived just before the noon service and the church was full of the walkers (pilgrims) of all ages and walks of life. Here is Peter guarding some of their luggage !!!
 and here is one exhausted man!!
 Day 226 - SILVER This was a silver looking key ring I bought in Santiago, all pilgrims receive a shell on completing the walk
 This key ring opens and shows the icon of St James whose body lies in the cathedral and the red cross of the knights in medieval times.
Day 227 - BRONZE  I found this difficult but decided to show the euros and cents we used on our holiday, they have a' bronze' look!!

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