Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 242 - SLOW

How apt today's word was.
My daughter in law had a birthday today and we took her, our daughter and 3 grandchildren to our local Beefeater, None of us had been for a long time.
The service was appalling and so SLOW! We ordered our food at 12.47 and finally got starters at 2.15! Not only that but the tables were dirty and some of the cutlery and when the food came it had been microwaved and was hot and dry on the outside and cold in the middle. We saw the manager who had only arrived 24hrs before and agreed there were major problems to sort out and cancelled our bill and offered us free icecream sundaes for us all!

Birthday cake with one candle!

 Icecream time!!

 Grandad and Xanthe busy!!
 Oops I like tomato sauce!!
Well I am up todate with my blog and watching the Para Olympics on the TV, very moving
 I am just going to add a few more holiday photos to the blog


  1. That's not a good service but an excellent customer service from the manager !

  2. that is really bad service, but great that you got extras and didnt need to pay.

  3. Some places really suffer with rubbish systems and staffing don't they.. it's hardly rocket science!