Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Days 232 -237

Day 232 - SQUARE  The square pattered tiles everywhere in Portugal especially Oporto

 One of the town squares in the Azores (Angra - Terceira Island)
Day 233 - TRIANGULAR A road sign
 A large sun dial at La Coruna
 One of many many daily cocktails in a triangular shape glass called Cosmopolitan

 The original houses of Santana, Madeira
Day 234 - STRAIGHT  A lot of the villages in Madeira had celebrated a Saints Day in their village. We were lucky to see some of their flower decorations along the roads

 Another patterned pavement with straight lines
 Straight road lines as the public bus round Horta island has a 10 mins break!
 Decorative straight lines at Horta airport
 Day 235  - STAR    a large decorative sundial at La Coruna
Another star on the circular shape
In Horta all sailing ships leave their 'calling card' by painting on the piers..another star
Here we have found our old neighbours card when they brought their yacht Calidris Alba back to the UK last year. Our ship the Marco Polo is in the background!

Day 236 - IRREGULAR paving slabs
 Rocks in Madeira
 Sign in Oporto
Day 237 - FOOTWEAR Our shoes on the last night waiting to wear at the end of our holiday!!


  1. Welcome back Lynne. That's called a fabulous catch up. So nice you could take all these prompt photos during your holidays !

  2. great photos and well done keeping up with the challenge...good to have you back. You have seen some lovely places, the houses look great

  3. Great to have you back.. and lovely you had good times.. x