Saturday, 10 August 2013

10th Aug- 12th Aug - Catch up on the weekly challenge and....OOps what have I done now!!!

After doing so well on this week's Lucky Snapping challenge from Jenni ....I got behind so let's play catch up!!!
Thursday - STONE well would you believe we collect very small pieces of stone form where ever we go!!
Bay of Fundy off the Nova Scotia/Maine coastline- wish stones with white lines through the stones
NZ many stones from N and S Island
Wales of course slate
and many many more ....etc, etc........
the last stones aren from the Granite coastline  in Brittany this year,
Here is my collection

A couple of  photos taken a few years ago when we took Canadian friends to Stonehenge

Between Thurs and Friday I had a very silly accident..........I got up at 11.30pm to turn Peter's bedside light off as he had fallen asleep with the light on as I rolled over and sat up I was too nr the edge of the bed and slid off................BUT my left arm caught the corner of y bedside cabinet and with the force of my body sliding to the ground, lacerated my upper arm. We finally went to A&E at 5am when I realised I needed stitches and came home around 7am with 6 stitches and the wound glued too :(
Felt very shaken and tired yesterday so just had a very easy day and bed very early, slept from 9pm - 9am today!
Not much to see yet, guess it will be another scar on my body of life:(!!!

Friday- SWEET 
I tried to go to sleep am, but impossible and the door bell rang at 11.30am with these wonderful flowers from our dear 80yr old friends. How SWEET of them to do such a lovely thing for me, I was very touched! it was a shame I had to take this to pices but they did fill 2 vases!

Normally we don't have sweets in the house but being school holidays and how Haribos are always popular 
we have a packet ready and waiting!!
Today 12th Aug - DRINK here is a lovely cheap bottle of vino- red of course for me to enjoy tonight watching TV and eating our dinner. I just love Lidl's :)


  1. ouch lynne, hope you heal quickly. Lovely flowers :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are feeling better and heal quickly. I think scars are more like medals earned as we go through life. I have plenty myself. LOL!! The flowers are beautiful! How sweet of them to think of you. I am behind posting as well but hopefully I can catch up later this evening. Believe it or not, the prompt "sweet" through me off. Couldn't think of anything new.

  3. Oh Lynne so sorry to read about your fall, hope you are feeling better now and the wound not too irritating. Those flowers are gorgeous and sure they have helped with your recovery. TAKE CARE!! xx

  4. Sorry to hear of your accident Lynne, hope you are recovering with a nice glass of wine beside you. Take care. Lovely flowers and what a kind thought.

  5. sorry to hear about your accident. I do hope it doesn't hurt too much. The flowers are beautiful.