Tuesday, 6 August 2013

6th August - A day out to Eagle Heights Prompt 2 show some green

We have just had a fabulous day out with our youngest 2 grandchildren Zac and Xanthe.
Peter has wnted to go for years to http://www.eagleheights.co.uk/, we finally went today. The weather was warm dry and very sunny, just right for a day out and a picnic lunch. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the children so good and well behaved.
A collage of the animals we saw, mainly birds of prey
Here we all are 

On our way home we saw a lot of lavender fields
Now some green for our prompt for Lucky Snapping today our back garden
Photo of our first tomatoes in a hanging basket
 Clematis growing into a tree with our runner beans!
 Our raised veg garden having removed old salad crop and potatoes, leaving some beetroot and tom plants we have now put more lettuce plants in tonight!
 Another view this time looking up our garden to the back of the house
 The sun in the sky at 7pm tonight


  1. your tomatoes are doing well, ours are still green!- which I never thought of for a 'green' photo, lol. Looks like you all had a great day :)

  2. Lovely photos again today, love the one with your granddaughter. Your garden looks very green.

  3. Such wonderful pictures. It looks like you all had a great time. Your tomatoes are looking good. We have tried having container tomatoes but never had any luck with them. Nothing taste better than a tomato fresh from your own garden. Zac and Xanthe are adorable!

  4. Aww what a beautiful set of photos, I have really enjoyed looking at them :) xxx

  5. Looks like you have had a wonderful day. Your garden is looking fantastic too. My tomatoes are just starting to turn red.... love them. xx