Tuesday, 27 August 2013

28th August - Quotation week - Black and White photo challenge

I had just done another animal and view in colour and B&W so here they are
View of our family's road
and the kitten Flump that we are feeding as well as a cat and a rabbit!!
Interesting how B&W changes a photo isn't it

Now to my quotation this week which was so similar to Anne's impromptu post ..great minds think alike!

"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. 
But when you photograph people in Black and White you photograph their souls"    Ted Grant"

I am cheating now by finding some old photos of my father which I had ready for last week challenge about jobs and how things have changed over the years
The 3 photos show 3 stages in my Father's working life.. His father (my grandfather who I never knew) was superintendent of Cheltenham Baths (no longer existing) and his mother (my Grandmother) never worked.(and never liked my Mother and always called her that women. They never met!)
 After training he started his teaching career and at the beginning of the war he and his school were evacuated to Ware in Herts. Herts was so badly bombed the schools from Hastings returned as it was seemed safer on the coast at Hastings than inland!
1 He was called up into the Airforce in 1941? and my Mother (they were married) went back to live with her parents in Morley Yorkshire and returned to her old job as a secretary. He Father was a manager of the town's Co op so during the war I think life was really OK for them with food and away from the bombings.
2. I was born at the end of the war Sept 1945 and my father was demobbed and we returned to hastings where he returned to his primary school to his old job. My mother never worked again. I think a teacher's pay wasn't very good so to supplement his salary my father became head of evening classes during the fifties. These classes were vocational and were very popular to learn dress making, wood work and cookery, not sure what else was offered!
3 The last photo was taken a week before his sudden death at 60 (a massive coronary  in Nov 1975), one term before he was due to retire. (this photo was found in his briefcase ready to give my Mother at Christmas...it had been taken professionally during school photos.)  
He had worked at the same school as Deputy head for over 30 years and was a strong NUT rep for Hastings,  One thing I remember him supporting very strongly was for teachers to have a paid lunch break and not to have to do dinner duty, this was when Dinner ladies were appointed!

Who these days stays in the same job for more than 30yrs and can retire with a full pension, lump sum and my mother still got his lump sum after his death and a very good widow's pension from his job too!

Sadly she died 3 yrs later of a massive stroke as did her Father.  I was only 33yrs old 


  1. Nice challenge Lynne and how interesting to hear about your father. My Dad was also in his job for a long time and my Mum still benefits from his company pension. I see retirement slipping further and further away, won't get my state pension till I'm 67!

  2. More great photos and stories Lynne :) Flump is a great name for the kitten!

  3. I am loving the difference of colour and black and white.
    The story of your father is lovely but I thought it so sad the you were an orphan at only 33.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Lynne. Very charming Dad ! xxx

  5. Lovely publication, Lynne! It is sad that you have lost your parents - you have been so young!
    Lynne, you are a strong woman!
    Thank you for your support on my blog.
    / I haven't e-mail from you. /

  6. Love all the photos and the story of your dad. It is interesting but sad and then you lost your mom so soon afterwards. I am sure these losses helped to make you into the strong, vibrant woman you are today. xxx

  7. lynne such a nice story about your dad xx