Monday, 12 August 2013

11th Aug - Lucky Snapping BOOK and any other views?

Today is Monday but just catching up with then end of Jenni's week yesterday!  She gave us the word BOOK for Sunday so this is was I am reading, not my favourite author but nearly 3/4 of the way through and want to know how it ends!!
Another view of the Bowls yesterday when I did the Bowls tea and sat outside reading. A glorious sunny afternoon
Forgot to show you the rainbow we saw last week
At the front of the house as we got home
Raced through the house and open the patio door, yes still there!
My last view for this month is our front garden, not as colourful now as the poppies have all been cleared, the lavender has finished flowering and the rose bushes are new this summer and flowers not so profuse! The Rowan berries on the tree are starting to go orange, wonder when the birds will take them!!


  1. I just love rainbows! I never seem to have my camera or my phone handy when I do happen to see one. Thanks for sharing. Your garden still looks very pretty.

  2. I haven't tried that author, Lynne. I will look her up