Wednesday, 14 August 2013

14th August - Another sunny day and W for WICKED or WEEDS!

Irrelevant is definitely my ironing as it is still at the same stage as the other day, going to have to hide the ironing in spare room and put the ironing board and iron away for another day :)  Today is perfect for weeding but don't want to do that either. Just going to flick the duster around the main room and vac the carpet. Did the toilet this am so smelling sweet and clean:)

Have enjoyed prepping the meal for tonight as my friend Carol is coming with her man friend Dave, they now live mainly down in Wilts. Will take some photos tonight.

it is a warm very sunny day and dying to get into the garden with my book, might in a few mins

W is for Wicked...was going to take a photo of cream cakes as I really don't use the word as younger people do for good/great. But I am going to say that a friend posted this idea on FB this morning, a great idea or let's say wicked ( sorry Borqna don't try to translate this and do hope you are having a fab holiday too xx)
Use a glass cake stand and pretty jam jars/ ribbons to make this flower arrangement, thank you Shirley xxx

Joy you asked about our summer school hols, our children don't go back to school until the beginning of Sept, as Zac told me another 3/4 weeks for him!!!


  1. That is a very clever way to do flowers. I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough jam/jelly jars though. It is pretty though. I think I will have to curl up with a good read myself today. I'm feeling a little blue and an interesting book always helps chase the doldrums away.

  2. That is a great idea for flowers.
    I hope you have a great meal with Carol and Dave.

  3. I love the idea for the flowers as well. Gorgeous idea. Love the idea of a book in the garden, good to relax. As for the ironing, you could just fold it!!
    I dread to think what our garden will be like on our return, still have another 9 days on holiday, might have to get Martin to get out there and cut the lawn!!
    Currently we are in Smallfield, so not moving that far..

  4. I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't let me !! Beautiful flowers, Lynne.

  5. lovely flower arrangement lynne