Friday, 16 August 2013

16th Aug - It's Friday so the letter F

Woken to a cloudy morning but warm and bright so sun is slowly pushing through though there seems to have been a lot of showers in UK!

F for Favourite has to be Marmite  (I love it!) I had it for breakfast with Laughing Cow light cheese triangles
 I took my plaster off this morning as I wanted to see if stitches are ready to come out! Today is nearly 7 days so think by Sun or Mon my ex GP friend can take them out, though it was a straight cut, didn't realise it curved LOL!! You can see where the edges were glued!!
Off to town after a lovely shower, yes will cover up the wound! Wonder if I will purchase anything????


  1. I guess you might need a purchase because it is Friday and I hate marmite yuck. Glad to see that the wound is healing.

  2. ouch! hope the stitches come out well.

  3. I also love Marmite. I like it on hot toast so it mixes with the runny butter.

  4. I've never had Marmite but I have heard it is an acquired taste. If I run in to anyone who has any, I will give it a try to see. Glad your arm is healing nicely.

  5. I need to go back in your blog as I don't remember how you managed to do that to your arm. Hope it doesn't hurt too much, xxx