Thursday, 15 August 2013

15th August - T for TOMATOES

Another dry sunny day in this part of the country!

I realised that yesterday I should have done W for weigh in as I went to WI at SW instead of Monday and lost 2.5lbs and now have lost 1st .5lbs. How could I have forgotten when I blogged!!

Today is T again so my word is Tomatoes
This was our lunch , tomato salad
I bought these at Lidl's since our toms haven't ripened yet!
This afternoon I did the weekly challenge on UKS. It had to have 50% white space, at least 2 different papers, stitching real or faux, diecut or punched shapes
This was our sky through our patio door this evening, rather like the way we have grape ivy from the hedge has travelled across and over the door, it should be cut back but we are leaving it at the moment.
I will leave you tonight with a silly photo of Peter, caught him looking in the mirror like this with his bowls hat!!!...silly man!!


  1. Well done on the weight loss Lynne. Great achievement. Glad to hear the weather is good, have just read they are predicting a heat wave when we return home, we were thinking it might be cooler for our move than here. Maybe not.

  2. Congratulations on losing more weight! Your salad is beautiful and I bet delicious. I always love your pictures of the skies. Also love Peter's picture here. He is funny!

  3. great photo of peter. love the layout

  4. Well done on your weight loss. I like your layout and Peters photo made me laugh.
    You have a lovely view from your window and I love seeing your photos

  5. Well done for the weight loss. LOL at Peter, xxx