Tuesday, 13 August 2013

13th August - Grandchildren day and T is for Tree

 Most things in the house are the same as yesterday except the kitchen is tidy, shopping got put away and washing done and dried indoors overnight. Of couse ironing still sits waiting for when I feel like it!! What I really need is a cleaning and ironing fairy but no fairies around this neck of the wood:(
Last night we had a 'mackeral sky' so knew today would be nice. Took these photos at 8.20 and 8.30pm

Today is Zac and Xanthe's day. We didn't plan to do much with them today. I had a fasting blood test at 8.30pm for my thyroid and cholesral etc and they arrived as I was getting dressed and putting a new mepore dressing on, so they saw the wound and spider stitches, Xanthe's eyes were like owls!!
We decided to go out am and it was a lovely sunny morning. We went to Bexhill seafront where we can get coffee and icecream by the beach

It was very quiet on the beach, a very calm sea and there were lovely views of Beachy Head

We came home for lunch and then this afternoon Zac and Peter went to the park to watch a bowls tournament and Xanthe and I made buns for them to take home
To day being Tuesday letter T is for this unusual shaped tree that is at the house of my nail and electolysis lady. She calls it Uncle Dave's tree!!


  1. The sunsets are beautiful and Zac and Xanthe are adorable as usual. That is an unusual looking tree. Some of the schools here started back classes yesterday with the rest following suit this next Monday. I guess your schools start back later?

  2. I love that tree.
    It looks like you had a great day.

  3. Lovely sky pictures Lynne, gorgeous colours there. Children looked like they were having fun. We are back home in 10 days as my daughter told me today and moving to Horsham a week after that! Thank you for stopping by on my blog, will keep updating.

  4. Your grandkids are so cute, Lynne. Love the tree for tuesday. xxx