Monday, 12 August 2013

12th Aug - A new Lucky Snapping challenge from Anne SILVER LININGS _ I for Irrelevant

What a challenge from Anne today! She is off on holiday and has left her challenge which as far as I can see is to make us feel ashamed by showing all the things we don't do or leave til later or as I say now I have retired..." there is always tomorrow"!

She also suggests we tell each other what are the little /big things that annoy us...or how we make a little annoyance become a BIG annoyance. Something I often do...hang my head in shame, but will leave that for another day.

So here I am Monday always a 'ME' day after the weekend and before tomorrow when it is grandchildren day.

  • Shopping was done am and here is pm and still not put away nor has the slow cook casserole been put on!
  • Washing still has to be put in the machine..if I had done it earlier it could be drying on the ine by now!!!

  • Ironing was started with all good intentions on Saturday but somehow I got fed up and left it to sit outside in the sun and read my book!!

and what am I doing when I get off this computer at 3pm...going to have some late lunch and chose a recording in our library!!


  1. Still enjoying popping by your blog to see what you are up to Lynne, and your photos for the prompts. Going to be a great way to look back on the year :)

  2. Great post! How is your arm doing? I hope it is healing nicely. I am with you. Some days it is hard for me to accomplish much except mess around on the computer or read, etc. I am not much of a TV person during the day (I like the quiet) but do watch it in the evenings. Since I dislike Mondays (always have, always will), I too make it MY day. I never do too much on a Monday. Take

  3. BTW, I have watched that show Top of the Lake. It was good but a little on the weird side. Is the one you have in your queue a new season?

  4. Oh Lynne that sounds so much like me at home when I am on my summer holidays from school, I put things off as well. Love the honesty.

  5. Hi Lynne, well done. Didn't want to make you feel guilty though ! xxx