Sunday, 10 February 2013

10th February -a scrapping day #10 - 3 o'clock

What a horrible day weather wise. It was very cold and very wet. We went to church then came home and chilled out, Peter watch the Rugby and I scrapped and watched TV. late afternoon we had a snow storm which soon became rain again. Now we are going to eat dinner and watch our fav Sun night TV, Dancing on Ice, The Midwives and normally Mr Selfridge but may record and watch the BAFTA awards!

FSM #10 - 3o'clock what are you doing?I was watching the start of Harry Potter film as I scrapped
The weekly challenge on UKS was important person - my Dad     2.use a monogram D for dad  3. journalling aout that person
I lost my Dad 40 yrs ago. I found doing this LO quite emotional and sad as my children do not remember him and Peter never met him either!


  1. its a lovely layout, hugs.

  2. Lovely page Lynne - I found this challenge very emotional too xx - love how you have weaved your black and white papers :)

  3. A beautiful layout Lynne and we will never get over missing our Dads will we. (((hugs)))

    I watched most of Harry Potter whilst I was scrapping this evening :) xxx

    Have a good week, shocking rain here too.

  4. I cry easily and often end up in tears as I scrap. Beautiful LO.

  5. A great tribute to your dad Lynne x

  6. Lovely page. I get the most from scrapping photos from my childhood, I think the journalling is very personal even if it just facts, it gets you feeling it.. sometimes I blow up an old picture and find an expression or something I hadn't noticed before. I like the B&W stripes too, have lots of B&W papers to use!

  7. Nice blog. I can relate to how you feel about your dad. I lost mine 41 years ago. He never knew any of the grandchildren/great grandchildren but my son and that was for less than two years. Of course my son doesn't remember him as he was so young. Thadd reminds me of my dad sometimes. Maybe that is why I love him so and we are so close. They would have been great friends. I love your layout. Maybe one day I will learn about scrapping and so one of my dad and my mom.

  8. I love your layout, Lynne.
    I agree with Mary B - LOVELY TRIBUTE.