Sunday, 24 February 2013

24th February - Our love song #24 Clouds

#24 Clouds... typical that we have no clouds but a grey cloud cover today so used a photo I took in the car in Jan on our way to town

Yesterday Peter rang from his friend's house to say "don't start dinner we are going to an Elvis Tribute night to night". His friend had 2 spare tickets for a 2 course dinner and Elvis show, it was such an unexpected surprise and great fun.
Here I am with Elvis and below with Peter's footie friend David

 Dave's wife Linda with Peter, you can tell he is really enjoying himself!

End of Nostalgia today so I am finishing the week with mine and Peter's song.  He has just heard it playing and said "there's our song"!

Thank you Kathi for this week's challenge.
Anne I have been thinking of you since Thursday and hope Rhea is doing OK? xxxxx


  1. This song is really lovely and I like it a lot. I am happy for you two - that you had such a lovely evening with your friends and what's more it was a surprise.

  2. Ah, that is a great song. Thadd sometimes will call me during day and sing the first few words of that song. I think it is wonderful that you have a special song too.

  3. oops fingers too keen,

    great night out as well by the looks of it. xx

  4. looks like a great night...sorry for the lack of comments lynne....i have read, just not had time to comment, sorry.x

  5. It looks like you had a great night out. That song came to my mind but it wasn't one Roland and I shared.

  6. I love Stevie Wonder, an old pal from school was his biggest fan I knew, she died at only 44 and I love to think of her when I hear him, I like Lately, his slower stuff. Xxx Great night out, must get together this year and have some laughs.. xxx