Monday, 4 February 2013

4th Feb -View again and #4 HOPE

We are back to week 1 in February and it is our view with Jenni again
This month the verse from the children's poem is
Well we definitely had snow in January but I hope we don't get too much rain!!!
Here was my view today in sunlight and the sun is slowly moving round and is higher in the sky bringing lighter teatimes at last!
The weather must be improving as I have had washing drying on the line last week and the clothes line is folded up but still out! How lovely to see the bulbs pushing through too, a sign of spring around the corner!
Today was our oldest friends 80th birthday. It is frightening how quickly time is now going as I still remember her 40th and 50th birthday parties and the wild Hogmanys and they are Scots!! We all worked together at a Sec schoool. She really didn't want to be 80 and sadly is suffering from ill health at the moment.
FMS #4 HOPE is a photo of my scales at zero waiting for me to come back from SW weigh in tonight to see if I had lost some weight this week. I hoped I had...and I had, not as much as I had hoped but 1 1/2lbs is a loss and I am feeling as if I have lost some weight at last!


  1. Nice pictures and how wonderful you have been able to celebrate so many birthdays with your friend. I will try and see if I can find something to take a picture of that may show some change in season. There are not too many views from my windows where I can see anything but houses but I can always go out in the yard to see what I can find. Most plants here do not drop their leaves and we have had a really warm winter so far.

    1. Joyce what about looking at your house and the flower beds you showed me last year? The flowers must bloom and die?

  2. Great picture with a nice weather ! How amazing to celebrate 40th and 80th birthday with somebody ! xxx

  3. How wonderful to have been able to celebrate all those birthday's together. Well done on your weight lost as well, all in the right direction. Your view is going to have some lovely changes I would imagine. x

  4. Well done on the weight loss, it's so hard at this time of year. i hope your friend lives on to celebrate another milestone birthday, so many women do now! No sun here, we had more snow today, fed up with it now.

  5. It is really wonderful to see the bulbs coming out and the days getting longer. It's good that you can already dry your washing on the line - we are still far away from that. Good work on your weight loss - I think it will be even easier when the spring comes and one can be out and about without thinking of food.

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss Lynne :) It is so hard isn't it.

    I love the view, yes I have noticed a few signs of spring this week, how lovely.

    Again, so sorry to not comment earlier, dreadful bad manners but I did feel awful. I got out to take my view today and although it didn't go quite as planned it was lovely to get out in the fresh air. xxx

    Good luck with the diet this week.