Thursday, 14 February 2013

14th Feb # 14 Love is...

#14 LOVE IS..... Happy Valentine Day everyone!  Here is Peter at lunch time with  RED ROSE AND A CARD, the tag on the rose says " A little late I forgot the date" but he didn't, he just didn't have anything this morning! 

So to continue with IMPOSSIBLE.  Ann said she would like to hear stories when in our lives things seemed impossible and things are bad, it was possible to recover from it!! Is this a good story for Valtentine's day? NO!!

I seem to have had an anonymous reader on this blog, have left his gibberish comment but decided what I wrote was too personal to leave so have deleted it.
Sorry to those of you who haven't read it. To precise the long blog, it was the story of becoming a single Mum at 34yrs, how the things I would have thought impossible became possible...of course!! and photos of our courtship, wedding and holiday with the boys the year my exe left me.

A painful time which I got through and and found more happiness with Peter x


  1. Ahh Lynne, I think you showed such bravery and determination, your boys must be really proud of you. It's interesting isn't' it how some people can turn things around while others are kind of victims forever.. x

  2. Gosh what a story Lynne. Well done on you taking the bull by the horns, yes you surely can be proud of what you did for yourself and the boys. Glad you have your Peter now ! xxx

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  4. Lynne well done for being strong in a difficult time, so pleased you and Peter found each other x

  5. Didn't read it Lynne but would guess I would have agreed with the others and said well done for getting through a difficult time. xx

  6. I didnt read your story, but I am glad you have found happiness

  7. I didn't get to read your post, wish I had. I think we have a lot in common with our past histories and ex-husbands (to a degree anyway). I am happy that you have Peter in your life now and that like me, you have found out that 'the second time around' is better. xxx

  8. I missed your post but I can understand why you didn't leave it. What you told is quite enough to know how impossibly hard everything seemed at the time. You and other survivors of such difficult situations should get medals for courage and the will to go on. You deserve every happiness!
    Ps When I go to Paris again I will jump on the Eurostar and come to Great Britain too. :-)