Thursday, 7 February 2013

7th Feb - Another day! # 6 SOFT and #7MY NAME

Another sunny day so I took another photo of my view, note the washing on the line drying in the sunshine :)
We have had lovely blue skies as at sunrise and then clouds have arrived with the blue skies but thankfully no rain :)
We had pedicures this afternoon at the farm, whilst it was my turn Peter went for a walk...he hates sitting around waiting! This is what happened to him...he slipped in some mud around the farm LOL!!
Tonight I am watching TV and chilling out love this on a cold night :)
Here are my FSM photos for the last 2 days
#6  - SOFT-  my cosy dressing gown, I have it on tonight!
#7 - MY NAME this was a page from a CJ done in 2006 for an album
Now to finish  to finish with our 2 girls... they need observing at meal times as Mae the darker cat pushes Florrie the tabby out of the way and eats her food as well as her own! I was on cat control tonight and took this photo!!


  1. well done getting the washing outside.

  2. Nice post. Poor Peter falling in mud !
    I have to check with our girls too. Bubbles wouldn't eat Rhea's food by pushing her but if Rhea doesn't finish completely and goes away, then Bubbles will finish it ! xx

  3. Sun???? what is that ;) now wind, rain and the cold I can relate to that!! Pets are so cheeky arent' they.

  4. Hiya.. I like winter evenings by the fire too.. and maybe it's me, but are both the cats called Mae?

    1. LOL Mae is the dark tortoise and Florrie the tabby!! Off to alter this, thank you xx

  5. poor Peter. Hope you have some moor sunshine

  6. Poor Peter. I hope he wasn't hurt. Thadd would have been right beside me getting a pedicure as well. He loves them. It is nice to be able to dry your laundry outside. We don't have anyway of doing that but I love the smell of fresh laundry after it has been out in the sunshine and breeze.

  7. I love your selection of photos today Lynne, love the naughty cat :) xxx

  8. Nice post!
    Agree with the other comments -
    Great place to spread - I would like to have this!
    I think - if it was a football field - Peter did not fall!
    Wonderful cats!
    /I don't have cats and dogs in the house ../