Saturday, 23 February 2013

23rd February Affairs of the heart Part 2 # 23 My Word

FSM #23 WORD - If

Affairs of the Heart Part 2 - my friend Carol
Yesterday I talked about my oldest close friends from college days.
Today I will tell you about my close friend Carol. We met in 1980 when I returned to work and teaching after I became a single Mum. Carol worked in the school office. We immediately became friends. Her and her late husband John were a brilliant support to me through some difficult years .Every Sunday in the summer we would go down the the old town beach with their motor boat and we all bought wet suits and learnt to waterski. The club we belonged to bought a parachute so that we could all go para gliding off the beach, pulled by a motor boat. Life was such fun thanks to them. Their oldest daughter became my babysitter so a social life also developed too.
After meeting and marrying Peter the 4 of us had several holidays together in France and Anglesey (I think they were the only people we have been on holiday with and we all wanted to go again!). John used to call me Carol's sister as we were both only children. Over the years I started to scrapbook and finally 4 years ago encouraged her to start too.

Sadly 1 week before a third holiday in Anglesey John committed suicide in 2010. It was a terrible shock for us all and I was there at the hospital with her when he died. Now it was our turn to be there for Carol. She frequently came for Peter's Sat cooked breakfasts. Together we went away on our own to Egypt in Feb 2011 just after the first uprisings( leaving Peter at home, something I don't think I would do again!) We helped her move house from the country into town and to live closer to us which was great!   I think there would have been further holidays for the 3 of us except, last year she has met someone who lives in Wilts and more and more she is travelling there to be with him and I think this year will see her move in with him. I am sad for myself that I am losing my friend locally but pleased for her to have a second chance of happiness and she is very happy.
I sincerely hope that in the future we can maintain out friendship from afar, we shall see.....
Here are a few photos of those last 32yrs
Happy Days in Anglesey 2008
Carol's birthday a month after John's death 2010
Egypt Feb 2011
Moving house July 2011
 Moving into her new house
 Fish and chips supper on moving day with her family
 Scrapping class at a Cardinal Colours retreat
I will end with happy beginnings in Wiltshire for Carol Oct 2012 with Peter, myself Carol and Dave

Affairs of the Heart - Love Songs from the 70's

A bit more nostalgia for today with a song from the 70's from my favourite group Bread,  the album was The Sound of Bread. When my first DH left me I would play this over and over and cry in the evenings when the boys had gone to bed!! As you can see from the top of this post I used If as my FSM word photo for today


  1. I really feel that I know you now Lynne, you have told us so much about your life and your friends and you are obviously a delightful person and a great friend.

  2. Oh Lynne, another great post! You have such wonderful stories to tell. I am afraid I have lived a very dull life compared to you. I love the group and the song. I have listened to it many times myself. Again, thanks for sharing.

  3. A lovely story and I am sure you and Carol will remind friends for many many years to come. Song that album as well. xxx

  4. Lynne, I did read this on the day, I just don't always get chance to comment. You must have been a stalwart friend to Carol, times were obviously very hard for all of you to lose John that way. It is good Carol is happy again and hey, a great reason to visit another part of the country when she moves.. x
    You have great resilience and determination Lynne and you are a great friend, be proud, and your love with peter shines through.. x