Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13th Feb not a lot happened today! #13 WALK

#13 WALK to our local Spa shop. It was a very cold grey day :(
Today was our day together but we hadn't planned to do anything but to go to the cinema once again in the afternoon on Wed with Orange 2 for 1. We went today to see the same film as Kathi and Col, the comedy chick flick "I give it a year" I laughed so much did me good! 
The morning was breakfast in Sainsbury and not the usual weekly shop but a lot fell into the trolley! Then we visited our new Dunelm in Hastings for the first time and managed a bill of £10!!

I am thinking about more impossibles in my life ( plenty when you are 67yrs old!!) and will be back tomorrow with the story of my being left with 2 small children after 13 yrs of what I thought was a happy marriage! Was it possible to find happiness again, OK yes I now you know about me meeting Peter but not the pain and heartache of my husband leaving me!........need to find some photos for the story!


  1. pleased you enjoyed the film, I wouldnt mind seeing that one but will probably wait until we can watch it at home.

  2. It has been a dull and cold day here too. Looking forward to your impossible ( especially how you managed out). What I make people do, lol ! xxx

  3. I think it's a great week when Ane challenges us, helps us share the history, if we want to.. and is good for us to learn about each other.. and ever since I read yours and Anne's stories I am very thoughtful when I see steps! xxx