Saturday, 9 February 2013

9th Feb - another view and #8 - SOMETHING ORANGE

Two lovely sunny days with blue skies and some lovely white puffy clouds and very cold but no snow forecast in the SE thank goodness.
Do you remember my Amaryllis unfolding well this was it last night, beautiful!
and a close up today

#8 - something orange were the post it notes in a book for writing in my last CJ
This is the finished CJ that I posted yesterday, the title was Olde Worlde and I did about Fishing in Hastings and about Peter's grandfather who was a fishermen. Here are the pages

I took my last view today of our road, not a lot of difference but more cars and brighter though the clouds had started coming and you can see we have had some rod repairs and cleaned up too!!
Tonight we have started our birthday meals with friends for 2013. I am hosting the meal for 3 birthdays for 7 of us and dinner is all ready in the kitchen. I am not having the starter with pastry!!!

Tomorrow I will work on my Lucky Snapping album for Jan/Feb


  1. I hope you have a great birthday meal, sounds fun. I love your little journal about fishing, it looks so interesting.

  2. you have been busy with the cj, it looks great too. The amaryllis looks very striking against the black and very beautiful in the close up.

  3. Yes, your CJ looks brilliant, really interesting. I love how the Amaryllis is looking. xxx

  4. what a smashing colour your amaryllis is. your cj is great what a lot of love you have put into it

  5. Your Amaryllis is beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a pure pink one. Ours are orange, red, or white with a pinkish-red stripe. I hope your birthday dinner is nice. All the food looks yummy.