Saturday, 2 February 2013

2nd Feb Blue, Indigo and violet #1 fork #2 pattern

Can you believe I missed yesterday !!! I really don't know why but I did!! Today is DS2's birthday ...the 2 boys are a week apart and 6 yrs difference, so my baby was 37 today!!!
Do today is catch up!
Still managing to find scarves!! BLUE
OK struggled today! So have done INDIGO and VIOLET together
#1 - FORK - I found all the different forks I have in my house!! Fork for cutting roasts. BBQ, kids, pickles
cake, CAT!!, everyday, silver set of main, dessert and fish!!
#2 - PATTERN -  a fence as I waited for the bus this afternoon!
Hope Joyce has enjoyed retirement? It won't relly hit her until Monday morning arrives,....Oh how I enjoy my Mondays !


  1. You certainly have an abundance of scarves, Lynne. I am having a real problem with indigo.

  2. You must have a large closet or someplace to keep all of your scarves. Have you ever counted how many you have? I love them. They are all so pretty. Wish I could do them as well. I am looking forward to Sunday evening when I know I do not have to get up Monday to go to work. It could be that Sunday nights become my favorite time! LOL Thank you for all of the well wishes.

  3. well done lynne, having all the colours of the rainbow in your scarves :)

  4. Another batch of gorgeous scarves! I think we all strggle with indigo but you managed to find a scarf that colour and take a good photo of it as well as the violet ones. Congratulations - I can't take any violet photos and I have a very good camera.

  5. Wow, you do love scarves ! I love their colors, very pretty. xxx

  6. Those blues are gorgeous, my favourite colour. x