Friday, 15 February 2013

15th Feb #15 what is inside your fridge?

FSM #15 well here is my fridge with no cleaning or tidying up this morning :)
Pleased with how it looked except slightly dirty on the bottom shelf so picasa vignette round the edges to hide it!!

Back to daily photos for Anne and others. We had a very grey start to the day which became a blue sky, white fluffy cold dayfinishing with a lovely sunset kast night, not the most glorious we have seen but like to see red sky at night as you know it will be a nice day the following morning
This morning is soup making and Lucky Snapping scrapping and then pm a garden centre to meet former retired staff. (I went for the first time last month) at 2pm, then back home for hair cuts at 3.30pm and out for pub meal with church friends tonight!!

Tomorrow will be busy as we are off to meet table 15 from a cruise 2 yrs ago.
 There were 4 couples and we have stayed in touch since that cruise and met a year ago on beach head!! Tomorrow we are going to one couples house in Bromley.
We hit it off from day 1 and each night after that we had challenges set, the collage below was a dare to wear a hat to evening meal one night!! mine was a shower cap with paper towel flowers made and stitched onto the cap!!


  1. Crazy people! ;-) Have a great social time.. I am smirking as we are out tomorrow evening and then Col's brother is visiting his Dad andinvited us out, what a shame we were able to say we had another appointment (long story)..shhh x

  2. LOL love those hats! Sounds like a very busy few days for you. Enjoy them. xx

  3. Beautiful sky Lynne. Love your shower cap, LOL, ! xxx

  4. My fridge was about empty today- before the shop tomorrow,so I managed to clean it today, its been needed for a while now, lol.
    Enjoy tomorrow x