Thursday, 21 February 2013

21st Feb - more Valentine photos and FSM #20 and #21

Before I blog I have Anonymous back again and not sure who or what it is. Can anyone pm me on FB or UKS to tell me what to do, thank you friends xx

FSM photos#20 - Were I stood- in Hobby Craft seeing a lovely Easter display
FSM #21 - Full - a photo of one of our cupboards, they are all full of glass,I just love it though sadly we hardly use the cut glass !!
Affairs of the Heart part 3
I had totally forgotten about these photos I took in 2007 and 2008.
These were taken in 2007. Peter doesn't even though I have this photo!! Ssh.... don't tell!
Note the artificial flower we used for years and threw it out last year. I must have made that card, had just started scrapping and made the class where I went for lessons!!

 Our evening meal that evening
2008 I was making maze books and loved them. This was a Love book with love and friendship quotes

2009- A real rose from me(note who is the romantic) but look at his face, he loved it!!
and a meal that evening

 In 2010......It was the birthday meal for 3 of our crowd on Valentine's night so red roses for all the ladies
The table laid and red balloons added!!
A photo of them all during the meal
Will be thinking about friendships tomorrow but no more romance this week!!


  1. These are lovely pictures and memories. Your husband looks really happy holding his rose. I absolutely love the photo where he is asleep and shhh - I can tell you that I have some similar photos of my DH too.

  2. sorry cant help with anon. great photos.

  3. Ah what lovely photos and fantastic memories. What a pair of romantics :) x

    Re anon, I get them as well but have reader approval on so I just don't publish them. xx

    1. Might try that as what I did Jenni told me blocks everyone!! so back to norm at mo :)

  4. great photos I love the one of Peter asleep

  5. Great pictures. I particularly love the one of Peter sleeping with the rose. LOL! You and Peter are loads more romantic than Thadd and I.(or would it be me?)