Sunday, 3 February 2013

3rd Feb End of our rainbow week #3 something beginning with e

FMS challenge # 3 Something beginning with E
My eternity ring, gosh doesn't my hand look old!!!

Well it's Sunday and the end of our 5th week of our Lucky Snapping challenge. My personal challenge was to try and find scarves/ shawls each day of the colours of the RAINBOW. I found the last colours indigo  and violet difficult !!
Today I went to our monthly crop and found plenty of cardstock colours!!
I made a rainbow out of cardstock and then someone was stitching a rainbow and I took a photo of the square and in Picasa I put them together!
This challenge was set by Janice and I want to say a big thank you to her for giving us a colourful week in the middleof a cold winter xx  I wonder how our views will have altered in 5 weeks tomorrow?


  1. Col's mum used to work in a biscuit factory many years ago and there were all ages of women and despite some being old fashioned and some very trendy she said you could always tell where they were in age by their hands.. x

  2. Love the two rainbows Lynne

  3. Beautiful colors, love the idea of a crop ! xx

  4. What a great idea to take a photo of them all like you did and then to add the rainbow. It's beautiful. And, your hands do not look old!

  5. look at all that cardstock!! love the rainbows :)

  6. I'm drooling over all that cardstock.