Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12th Feb - Impossible...what is? #12 - where are you having lunch?

#12 eating lunch chez Nanny - good old baked beans and toast today!!

So now back to our challenge from Anne re the word impossible!  Today she has started to write about her dreadful accident which totally traumatised her. We await the next part tomorrow?

I too have had several accidents whilst on stairs and reading her blog today made me remember my worst accident in Nov 2009 where I too should have broken my neck or at least some bones!! Thankfully I recovered finally in Feb 2010 without any trauma BUT I have a dreadful fear of stairs and walk very slowly clinging to a hand rail where possible. OK I maybe getting older but to see me on stairs is to look at a little old lady!

Impossible or possible to recover?
I remember thinking that my injury would be impossible to heal and my scar would be dreadful .I had fallen down some concreted slabbed  stairs which we had made earlier in the year to our garage. We had quite a laugh about them slabs as Peter had bought them really cheap and didn't know (he is colour blind) that they were very pink colour! We proudly laid them, he doing the manual work and me the maths and foreman bit, we actually worked together very well that summer, so well that note in the collage, me directing work in my nightie!!

So on this Nov evening I should have been able to walk down the lovely slabbed steps to our garage at 5pm, (we had a sensor light which switched) on but on this dark evening and my arms were full of veg from a market to put in our overflow fridge in the garage and Peter is in the bathroom showering...he doesn't know what I am doing!! the  light doesn't come on....so arms full I stand in the dark on one leg and wave the other to catch the light............I topple over and fall front flat out all down those pink steps, glasses still!on my face and lay there thinking, phew I am alive!! vegetables strewn everywhere!!

I sit up very shaken but guess the adrenline flowing? I see the bathroom light on and know Peter could be upstairs watching TV in the bedroom for the next couple of hours until I call dinner is ready!

I have feel as if I have hurt my elbow but then I see my trousers split (very upset by this LOL!!) I lift my trouser leg to see a shiny shin bone looking at me!! Amazingly I have no pain or blood yet!!

How I got to the house I have no idea but I hopped and hobbled and arrived to shout up the stairs "take me to the hospital"

At A & E they dealt with me very promptly and a lovely guy who was just going off duty treated me wonderfully trying to put the injury back together so carefully and his advice made all the difference to my recovery. He told me a shin injury at my age(what did he mean!!!) would take a long time to heal so to stay in bed for a few weeks and always keep the injured leg  horizontal as much as I could. 
I went to our surgery every week for 3 months to have the dressings changed as if I had a leg ulcer, had infections but finally it was healing by March 2010 

Here is a collage of the steps, us making them,  my legs and elbow( had 12 stitches there)and resting in bed!!

I know I didn't have a car accident or a life threatening illness, and yes I have been very blessed not to either but like Anne I was so shaken by this accident and how long it took to heal that I began to think it would be impossible to recover!

Sadly the scar is there but not too obvious and it is painfull at times, (mainly in cold weather), but apart from that I am fine, it is possible to recover from an accident or injury thank goodness!!


  1. How awful, Lynne. It's funny because for me too, the ripping of my shorts was one of the most upsetting things. I guess we both need to watch where we put our feet ! xxx

  2. Oh Lynne, I can just imagine you waving your leg to activate the sensor, we have a similar light outside and I have to lean off our office step to activate it at night!

  3. lovely photo of Xanthe- we had beans on toast too, lol.
    ouch at the leg, it is amazing what we can put our bodies through and recover. Take care with those steps!

  4. Very cute girl! Great picture!
    Lynne,I always think of you as your photo of Entrance - you become more beautiful with age!..
    You had a horrible experience!
    I think your own will, your strong spirit, your faith in God - these things have helped you a lot to recover.
    Congratulations for your post today.

    1. Thank you and God Bless you too xxx

  5. Woah that is a nasty injury, glad you have got over it and don't blame you for taking care on stairs now. x

  6. What a nasty fall you had. I am glad you have completely recovered. Do you still have the pink steps?

  7. That was a really nasty fall, Lynne. I'm so glad you got over it.