Thursday, 10 January 2013

10th Jan Day 10 Io'clock and a little serendipty moment

Peter and I have just returned from a really lovely day in London. I bought tickets for Peter at Christmas to see Top Hat  in which Tom Chambers is still in the musical until 2nd Feb. He was excellent and the show was fast moving, funny and I really lovely to.
I definitely had a serendipty moment when I saw my lovely Peter's face mesmerised by the show and singing along (not too loudly thank goodness). It gave me such joy to watch him occasionally and I was so pleased I had bought them!

We arrived in time for lunch before the show and here is my day 10 photo at 1o'clock. As you can see I chose really wisely for my lunch
This was Peter's plate after he had eaten his pizza! 
 After the show we found a greek restaurant which was very reasonable.  I did not choose so wisely tonight, here is my Meze plate which I had with a glass of wine!


  1. Ah you made me smile Lynne. How lovely to imagine Peter singing along ! Glad you had such a nice day ! xxx

  2. It's all about that warm feeling I think Lynne and sometimes you just have to get it from someone else when they don't even know it! xx

  3. Sorry, I had typed a reply and got interrupted and it timed out! What a wonderful time you had and your gift to Peter was very thoughtful. It must have been fun to watch him enjoy the show so much that he sang along. I love going to the theatre. Also, thank you for your well wishes. I am finally feeling better today and the sun did come out for awhile today.

  4. sounds like a great time- a bonding day? :)

  5. A lovely tale and yum to the meze