Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22nd Jan -snow going and Xanthe day #22 -corners

FSM photo a day #corner ...my corner cutters
So today is the question,  what makes me happy?
My faith in God, my belief in eternal life.
My husband Peter...sometimes LOL!!
My family...sometimes!
My cosy home especially my bedroom, [my shangri la!]
Being in the company of close friends
Eating good food
Eating out
Cooking for people
Reading really gripping books
Sunny hot weather and being on the beach or in my garden
Holidays anywhere
A day of scrapping with no interruptions
Buying new stash!!
Watching good programmes on TV
Buying clothes
Treating myself to things I have wanted when I have saved for them
Hearing people's good luck

I asked Peter the same question, this is what he said
Being healthy
Participating in sports, especially bowls and fishing
Watching football,
Days out with me
Going to work some morning for 3 hours
Being quiet all on his own

Are you happy for no reason? unlike Anne NO!! I would like to say yes but sadly no and Peter says a definitely no!

So tonight I too will leave you with no more photos today to spend a night watching TV.


  1. Thank you for making me think of things that make me happy

  2. The other prompt looks really interesting and I did think of joining in but I don't think I could do a photo a day this year

  3. Buying new stash, wow, how could I forget that one in my list, lol. xx

  4. Love your post. I will think some more on mine.

  5. Great things that make you happy. xx