Friday, 18 January 2013

18th Jan - We got married...d# 18 SHADOW

Today we waited for the snow to arrive, we finally got some powdery flurries and tonight must have 2mm LOL!!
# 18 photo - SHADOW no sun and grey day, I had to use a lamp tonight. I am holding a CD!
So to continue with my story
We got back together in time to go on the booze run to France, Here we are in Boulogne, I am holding the wheels to put all the boxes on when we get to the supermarket! Iain at 8yrs took the photo!! It was quite an experience for Peter a non drinker!!
So he finally asked me to marry him during dancing after a meal for friends at my house.....He had discussed it with my friend Carol as the ate the meal and she said "go for it"!!! I didn't say yes but said I would think about it and tell him the following week. Well I turned up at his house the following week with a red rose in a vase to say yes. I wanted to get married fairly quickly before we had our holiday, as we had planned to go away that Aug.   Peter wanted to wait until October, so of course it became a larger wedding with quite a few guests but at least it was our wedding, not the wedding I had with my first husband which my mother and father planned and arranged, with their friends and just a few of  ours!!
Before I show you our wedding, this is specially for Jo (who rang me earlier, wanting to know when I was blogging!!) This was Peter's first wedding to Phyl (her Mum and Dad )in 1960. In Feb 2010 it would have been their Golden WA
Here we are at 40 and 50 yrs in Oct 1985 we had a lunch for close friends at my (our) house and then an evening dinner dance with same and more friends. It was a wonderful day.
and here we all are playing happy families for the weekend!! Jo chose black with a touch of red!! and just look at her brothers face!! They were 17 and 20 yrs. my sons were 9 and 15yrs.
We took them all out the following day to a pub for a meal before we went away for a few days, it was a total disaster! Jo used to call me "the wicked step mother" to her friends at work (she didn't know I knew that for a long time!!) I like to think I am her replacement Mum and her best friend times!! :)

25 years on we are now definitely a family. Jo not only has one brother but 3 brothers and is very close to my sons these days


  1. Oh what a beautiful story. Poor Peter, he asks you to marry him and you tell him "let me thing about it, I tell you in a week !". You must have made him sweat like anything, lol !
    Well, it's so nice to see you all happy. I haven't met you yet for good, but you are a great couple together. The wicked step-mother reminded me something. Hopefully it's finished for me too ! xxx

  2. Lovely story Lynne and I hope Jo likes it too. My Mum remarried after my Dad died and I was 13, one of our friends says I was a right pain, but you never know if it because of that or just because they are being teens..and then one day we are grown up and can look back and appreciate that our mums were people too who needed company and someone to be good to them.. Oh and to do the decorating (did you let him!?) ... I think you must win a prize for the New Beginnings nostalgia week..thank you xx

  3. What a lovely story, thank you for sharing it. x

  4. Nice story Lynn! You and Peter make the perfect couple. All of the pictures are nice as well.

  5. lol,, as i keep saying,, your not a bad replacement!!! Love how the family has got a few new members!!! And thanks for putting Mum and dads wedding picture on,, (sniff,,sniff) !!!

  6. great photos and xanthe has grown a lot since the last family photo.

  7. Thanks for sharing those memories with us Lynne.
    This week is bringing back lots of memories for me and I must get into our loft.

  8. So, so lovely reading about this all week Lynne, thank you so much. I was looking forward to today :D xxx

  9. reading your blog brings a smile to my face. you all look a very happy family

  10. It's been great to read about your romance and it looks like you've done a great job bringing the family together.