Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16th Jan New Beginings at 40! - Day 16 - two things

I would have never thought that I could write daily about memories of the past.   I am very much a person who lives for now and would have said recalling the past was difficult ....well dementia hasn't arrived yet!!

I laid in bed last night recalling all the new beginnings for me that I can recall.
Starting at a Grammar school at 10+ (my birthday being Sept 17th and the cut of was 1st Oct not 31st Aug in those days), starting at college at 17+, starting teaching at 20+, getting married at 21, becoming a mother at 24, becoming single and a Mum of 2 young boys at 34, meeting Peter and becoming a step Mum when I got married again at 4, .new jobs (which I did) and retirement at 55.

So today will be the story of how Peter and I met and the 'dear John' letter he had!
My ex husband was a football referee as was Peter. One Sat in summer I took Iain my youngest son to meet his Dad as he was spending the weekend with him. He was refing at a town boys football tournament with other referees. As I walked down the path Peter who I only vaguely knew was walking towards me. We stopped to chat and I said how sorry I was to hear his wife had died the year before. being me I then talked about being alone and not much fun and invited him to pop in for a cup of tea if he was passing to visit his cousins in the village also lived in (they were friends of mine so I already knew about Peter, his wife's illness from myloid leukeamia and her death).

A week later I had a phone call but he didn't want a cuppa but to take me out to the pub for a drink.

I found out when we were married, that he tossed a coin to take me or his late wife's best friend (who lived opposite) out...I won!! He also tells the story that he had thought I would have a sherry and I asked for a whisky with dry ginger.(my drink out at in that period). Well I had finished that one before he was half way through his half pint of lime and soda. I ended up with 3 whiskies to his one drink!! he has never forgotten and it was mentioned at our Silver WA!!
A photo taken by hisdaughter sitting on the stairs to talk to me privately!!
 At a party together in 1984. I wore contact lenses then!

We courted, (do you like that old fashioned word?) from April- July when I decided he was too keen and I wrote a 'dear John' letter to him.........and that story I will leave until tomorrow!

#16 Two things - Xanthe's hair clips which stay at Nanny's house!
Finished my WC before Sunday!!
I used new stash Bo bunny Powder Mountain 10pts, followed the sketch 10pts and 5 blue stars/ flakes across  the page 10pts so my team the dizzy dots gets 30pts this week


  1. Brilliant Lynne, how intersting to hear about you and Peter, the toss of a coin is too frightening to think about, do you think you would have found your way to each other anyway? xxx

  2. Lynne.that is a fab story and I am waiting to hear about that letter .. you gave us a cliffhanger even though we know there,was a happy ending .. and you aw a natural at reminiscing .. xx

  3. looking forward to part 2

  4. Ooh can't wait for tomorrow. I love stories like this. I also love those hair clips. I would love to wear things like that but think maybe I should act my age!?!

  5. love the story of how you and Peter met. Well done on the WC too, its lovely and a great photo of Zac.

  6. fab LO, those papers are lovely. Thanks for joining in our challenge

  7. Lovely story -looking forward to the next installment! Fab lo for the wc too Lynne x

  8. You so cruel, it's a fab story, how can you let us hang from a cliff ! xxx

  9. Great story! I read with pleasure. This is amazing!
    Thank you very much!
    I love you, Lynne!
    /Oh, please - write to Pamporovo again!
    Do you have pictures from that time?/

  10. Oh, I love your story! It is so neat to hear about other people's past, especially how you met Peter. I can't wait to hear about the "dear John letter". Wonderful pictures of Peter as well. xx

  11. A fabulous lo, thanks for taking part.
    Love your story too, I will have to visit again to continue the story

  12. That is a lovely story Lynne.
    Love your pictures.

  13. I have so enjoyed reading through your memories this week. Thanks for sharing. x

  14. Love the layout, thanks for taking part in our challenge!