Friday, 25 January 2013

25th January Catch up #23, #24 and #25

#23 ELECTRIC on a fence nr our house
#24 STRIPES our wood furniture close up
#25 LANDSCAPE dusk over the Fraser River nr Harrison Hot Springs Nov 2012

Sorry I have been AWOL these last 2 days especially as this was my week's challenge but it was a couple of really busy days.
Keeping Busy Yes I do seem to have busy days when I think I have time to myself and then all of a sudden phone calls and family or friends want things or or for me to do something!! Even when I am home I am busy on the computer, cooking, sewing and reading and of course I scrap most days too!!

Do I get what I want? I have thought hard about this. At first I thought no because there are things that I want and cannot afford such as another long distance holiday, a new car, expensive clothes, ipad, etc....but these are luxuries that won't make me any happier will they? But yes I do get what I want in many ways, I might ask Peter if I/we can do something and he 9 times out of 10 he agrees. The things he won't do is DIY and I also have to wait a long time sometimes for him to do something I have asked him to do. He hates lists so I often have to ask him several times to do something and I guess if I am honest at times it sadly becomes a nag!
Another confession....I am not always happy and yesterday was an example...I had a horrible evening. I went on a different day and time to SW weigh in and found I had lost NOTHING...and I had tried so hard last week and feel more comfortable in my clothes too. Anyway Peter was out  so I came home and drowned my sorrows in red wine. He wasn't happy with me either!! Anyway today is another day and I have 3 days til weigh in on Monday!

Any way lovely to see there are some blogs and photos to read, I had a peep online on my kindle whilst in bed this morning!


  1. love the landscape photo Lynne. You may not have lost anything at WI, but you didnt gain...always a silver lining :) Hope you had a better day today.

  2. Well done with the silver lining Helen, x
    Lynne, weight doesn't matter, it's just a number. If you didn't lose but feel better in your clothes, that's what counts. Would you prefer you lost 10 pounds but your clothes are tighter ? It's cms ( well inches) that count, not pounds. xxx

  3. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, Lynne, That is what is important. Just watch next week you will have lost weight.

  4. Sorry you had a bad day. We all have them but the important is that you got past it. I am sure the next time you go weigh in you will have lost more than you hoped for. Some times it all comes down to the fact that you had some water retention and that's all. You should be proud that you are trying. I need to try as well and I am hoping that after I retire it will be easier for me. Love your pictures! xx

  5. I agree with Joy that you should be proud that you are trying, I am still trying to get myself on the much needed after christmas diet, my excuses go n forever, non of them are really valid though.
    We have come to an agreement that if I expect a job to be done in a time limit I will ask for it to be done by a set time. But I am impatient so set a longer time limit than I really want. It saves a lot of nagging and Peter usually does it in time which he hardly ever did before I specified time.

    1. Alison, what a great idea, thank you!

  6. He he did laugh over the red wine, just what I would do but with red. I would also go with the clothes if they are feeling more comfy they are telling the truth, scales are dodgy anyway!! ;) xxx