Sunday, 27 January 2013

27th Jan Very happy! #25 TOGETHER and #26 SUN

I am very happy today!!  I had a wonderful day yesterday with my oldest son Mark who celebrated "43 and not out"!  Think there will be a LO coming soon!! and then today is going well, an indulging in what I WANT day!

So yesterday I was invited to go with Mark to celebrate his birthday with his very close friends, I don't think their are many mothers who are also invited along. How lucky am I? he ws 43 yesterday, do I feel old.....NO!!
These friends make me so welcome, they are a lovely bunch. There were 15 of us from 1pm until 6pm at Balans, Old Compton St, London. Think I have blown my SW this week :(
 In case some of you don't know Mark is gay as are a few of his close friends. They are wonderful and caring crowd and here is a collage of the day, all taken on my phone!
# 26 was TOGETHER The other guy was David who was at Uni and shared a house with Mark when they were at Nottingham Uni 
So today the rain stops and out comes the lovely sunshine it makes me so happy even if I am not out. OK it is very windy but to see blue skies and the sun is glorious. How fortunate because today's FSM photo challenge is #27 SUN

Peter is out at his friend's house to watch his friend's team Brentford play Chelsea It was a 12 noon kick off so we went to church for the 9 am service which means I am home alone to play all day, so again happy!! He has also rung and cancelled dinner as he is eating there, even better! More play time!!

As you all know Joyjoy, [I know her as Joyce] has joined our challenge. Peter and I met her and her lovely husband Thadd on a cruise from Venice around the Greek islands in 2010. Since then we have corresponded mainly through FB until I gave her my blog addie in 2012 where she followed us all!

Here are some photos of us on the cruise. I am thrilled she has joined us and about to embark on a new life as she retires....who knows hopefully she might become a scrapper too LOL!!
Peter, Thadd and I
 Lovely Thadd "I am a hugger" is what he said when we met him, he is and such a warm and caring man, Joyce you have a diamond there!
All 4 of us together at the end of the cruise 
I sincerely hope we we met them again in real life xx

So today is the end of my week. I was very nervous ofhosting the week but thrilled you all continued to blog and how interesting it was to read all your views, now I need to think how I record this week, as a LO or a photo and journalling, when I do I will link and post it.

Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.


  1. Lynne, that is so nice. Everything, your day with Mark (I have one of my lads in particular who would be just the same, he likes eveyone to know I am his Mum..awhh ) , more about how you met Joyce and what a lovely lazy day you are having. I need to get batter at doing my own thing, seem to spend too long just watching TV with Col or just doing chores which could be done faster and sooner! Hoping to make some scrap space downstairs when we extend so I don't feel like I have to go away to my space to scrap.. X
    PS yes kets sort something for S'hampton x

  2. Looks like a great time with Mark and enjoy your 'me' day :)

  3. It is lovely to hear about how you met Joyce and her husband sounds lovely. Marks birthday sounds like it was a terrific day and to finish off your week with almost a day of crafting - couldn't be better.

  4. What a compliment to be asked to your son's party, you must be a great Mum.
    I never cottoned on that you already knew Joyce, glad you managed to get her to join us.
    I love it when Peter works in Glasgow, it's not that often but being my own boss is great. Of course it's only great cos I know he's coming back.

  5. Lynne, thank you for the lovely comments. Yes, I do have a 'keeper' when it comes to Thadd. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! We really enjoyed meeting you and Peter as well and have such fond memories of the short time we had together. Hopefully we will make it to the UK before we get too much older so we can see you again and explore your beautiful country. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong place LOL! I too like it when Thadd plays cards on Tuesday night so I have the evening all to myself to do what I want. I think we all love having some 'alone' time even though we love our spouses dearly. You and Peter are always welcome to come stay with us if you ever make it back to the States. I have enjoyed the challenge you gave us this week. Thank you and all of the bloggers who have welcomed me so warmly. You are all very special. xxx

  6. Lovely photos Lynne, you all look very happy. We also met and made friends when on a cruise, it was a river cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg. We have visited our friends in California and they have visited us in Scotland. We are soon to go on another river cruise so maybe will make some new friends. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  7. I am so happy for you Lynne. What a great day ! xxx

  8. Lynne , I wept with joy. I could not write anything!

  9. What a lovely post Lynne, and being invited to Mark's birthday really special, looks like a good time was had by all. Lots of play time as well. So lovely meeting new friends whilst away and then actually keeping in touch, very special.xx