Monday, 14 January 2013

14th Jan - Nostalgia - New beginnings and #14 YELLOW

This is a new week for Lucky Snapping and this week it it is Kathi's turn to set the challenge The main theme being NOSTALGIA and Jan week 3 New Beginnings.

Kathi said don't do too much on the 1st day!! Well my mind is buzzing with ideas and I was interested in her reason for starting scrapbooking as well as bloggging, I had never really thought of this as recording my life but yes she is quite right it does!!

So this afternoon I looked at my LO's I did weekly in the challenge 52 in 10 with Scrapdolly. I is a wonderful record of my life and was my intro LO's from this album
and another one from UKS WC challenge

Looking back and my main resolution for 2013 is to lose at least 2 st to get back to my slimest in 2010 and lose a few more pounds. Here is a collage of photos from my heaviest in 2008 and to getting 2 awards when I attended SW in 2008/9 Each photo was taken by my gate for 25th of the month which Idid with Shimelle for the year...yes I am a great one for challenges!!
I am off to WI in 30 mins so we shall see how good I have been this my first week back at club for 2years, I def cannot do it on my own!

SNOW we had a light fall and this was our garden at 9am this morning, it soon got washed away when the wet snow turned to rain, but it is cold!!
This was me in the pink jacket on 10th Jan last year!

Now my photo for Day14 - YELLOW My egg for breakfast before I cooked it


  1. Lynne, you are just so like Colin's Mum, she loved socialising and had lots of things going on and was on and off with SW and when she was good she was good but when she saw a cream cake she was bad! I have just enjoyed remmbering her a lot.. thank you.. and good on you for joiing in with some first day remeniscing..(sp?!) xx

    1. Had to give you something to read today. Off to blog my good news and serendipity pages

  2. Lynne, what a lovely post today, I have had a lovely time looking at it all :) xxx

  3. well done on your weight loss. Love the photo of your egg.

  4. Great news on your weight loss. I need to lose weight as well.