Sunday, 20 January 2013

20th Jan - A snow day #20 Something I saw

Well today is the end of week 3 Lucky snapping Challenge 2013. Thank you Kathi for hosting this week, it certainly made me look back didn't it!! I am now quaking in my 'slippers' tonight wondering how you will interpret my challenge tomorrow,  week 4! and trying to decide how to put this week's nostalgia into my album. maybe a LO of one photo as Kathi has suggested.

I was going to find a photo from the snow in 1963 as the programme on BBC1 caused a lot of chat in a SG on UKS about memories and how old they were or not!! but I am downstairs with my computer and it would mean finding the photo and scanning it so I have decided not to.

It has snowed fine snow all day andhas left us with about 2" of snow. Not much but being a hilly town and we are on the outskirt of the town (and our road hasn't been gritted) the buses stopped early on and there has been very little traffic. most schools seem to be closed tomorrow too.
The bus stuck couldn't go back or forward and right opposite our garages
The view this morning
and later this afternoon 
So what did we do today?  Well this morning we cleared 1/3 of our loft and the spare room is now full of boxes to sort  and carrier bags of holiday brochures to throw out, but needs looking at first!
I then went into my craft room and did the House Challenge for Jan from the given sketch, rather plain and simple but another LO for my 2012 holiday album and 30pts for my team!
We were in Madeira on a taxi tour and suddenly we found ourselves dressing up for a photo shoot!!
Then I finished the Anita M's class DLO from Thursday using yummy BoBunny Blitzen papers.
In between time I cooked a roast chicken lunch and then made a SW frittata for supper which we have just eaten and watched some TVwhilst scrapping. Peter on the other hand has done nothing since the loft and washing up except watch TV and is 'stir crazy'!!

It looks like a cold night with snow falling again and may have some more tomorrow too!!


  1. well done on your scrapping, hope you dont plan on going anywhere tomorrow- maybe another scrapping day for you.

  2. You have had a busy day today, Lynne. It looks like another scrapping day for you tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to your prompt tomorrow. Good luck.

  3. You've busy, Lovely LOs xxx

  4. Love your lo's were did you find the time?

  5. I love the feeling afte a doing day, when thee are lots of jobs finished, or maybe half finished.. Thanks for all your memories Lynne and don't worry your challenge will be great tomorrow, the group is tight and we will all embrace it!
    I think the whole things is going well, weekly prompts and themes make us dig deeper and gives us ideas for our blogs. Xxx

  6. I love the photos. Your layouts are very nice and give me inspiration to start scrapping when I get a chance after I retire. I will have to find a 'beginners' course somewhere so I know what to do. Looking forward to your prompt.

  7. Love the stuck bus photo. Your LO look great especially the holiday one.

  8. Sounds like a very productive day! Love the double layout - those rounded edge squares are very effective x